BNE Baracca is a cafe in Tarragindi that offers different foods to its valued guests. We are working hard to make our guests happy with our expert and experienced staff. We offer breakfast and lunch menus to our guests. We try to make our guests happy with our menus that include different foods that appeal to different tastes. The health of our guests is the most important thing to us. That’s why our employees carefully select the healthiest products for you. Apart from this, as BNE Baracca, we also offer a beverage menu to our guests. Below you can find detailed information about our menus.

Breakfast Menu

BNE Baracca has one of the best breakfast menus in town. You can choose our cafe to have breakfast in the city. In our breakfast menu, which includes different tastes, there are alternative flavors and foods prepared with eggs. Avocado Bliss is just one of the alternative flavors. If you want to taste Avocado Bliss containing different spices, you can come to our cafe with your loved ones. Corn Fritters is another alternative dish you can choose. Depending on your preference, you can add bacon or halloumi cheese to this dish. You and your loved ones are always welcome to our cafe to taste this and other similar alternative dishes.


Apart from alternative tastes, our menu also includes many different dishes. You can come and have breakfast at any time at BNE Baracca. In this way, you can taste our other breakfast meals apart from our alternative breakfast meals. Our breakfast menu consists of entirely different foods, but our egg dishes stand out among them. Eggs on Toast, Eggs Florentine, and Mediterranean Eggs are just a few of our egg dishes. Apart from this, we can also make standard omelets for our customers looking for familiar tastes. BNE Baracca also prepares meals for our customers looking for vegan food. In this way, you can visit our cafe with your loved ones who follow different diets.

(After 11am)

Lunch Menu

BNE Baracca serves its guests with a rich breakfast menu and a decadent lunch menu. In our menu, which appeals to different tastes, besides meat, chicken, and seafood, we also have special meals for our vegan guests and guests who do not want to eat meat. For example, Peru Quinoa Salad is a highly delicious alternative for guests who do not want to eat meat. Quinoa contains all essential amino acids. For this reason, Quinoa is an important food source for our guests who do not eat meat. Our guests who prefer seafood can order Salt & Pepper Squid. This particular product is served with our meal Chips. If you want to taste this and other dishes, we always welcome you to our cafe.

Please speak to our staff regarding special dietary requirements or allergies.
15% surcharge on public holidays. 1.7% surcharge on AMEX & 1.5% on all others.

Hot Drinks

Apart from food, BNE Baracca also offers different beverage options to its valued guests. We show the same care we show while cooking while preparing our drinks. We wish our guests to have a good time in our cafe with our different drinks. Our beverage options are divided into two subgroups. These are hot drinks and cold drinks. Hot beverage options mainly consist of coffees and teas. We prepare our coffees using the best quality coffee beans. You can choose White Coffee or Black Coffee. Apart from this, different tea options are also included in our menu. These can be listed as English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Mint Cacao, and Lemongrass. If you want to try one of our hot drinks, all you have to do is stop by our cafe.

Cold Drinks

In addition to hot drinks, cold drinks are also included in our menu. Fruit juices are just one of the cold drink options. To prepare our juices, our employees select the best quality fruits for you. Apart from fruit juices, Milkshakes and cold coffees are among our guests' most preferred cold drinks. If you have any questions about our services and dishes, please visit our website and contact us via the contact information that is given in the contact us tab.