Recently refurbished and guided by new ownership, Bne Baracca provides a welcoming, family friendly space in the heart of Tarragindi for great coffee, breakfast and lunch. Baracca’s kitchen offers an array of freshly prepared baked sweet treats, along with an expanded menu that offers an interesting out-of-the-ordinary selection of options to choose from.

Whether it’s simply for coffee and treats, or a table with friends and family for brunch or lunch, Baracca is the , easily accessible with many parking options and a dog friendly , go to place.



The menus we have prepared for our esteemed guests appeal to different tastes. We serve breakfast and lunch with two different menus. In addition to many egg dishes, you can also find exotic foods such as avocados on our breakfast menu. Apart from that, you can find different dishes on our breakfast menu. Our breakfast service lasts all day. We do not have any time restrictions for breakfast. You can order the food you choose from our breakfast menu at any time. We welcome guests who want to have a late breakfast at our cafe.


Apart from the breakfast menu, it is also on our lunch menu. Our lunch menu can be ordered after 11 o'clock. When you come after this time, you can order any meal you want from our lunch menu at any time. Our lunch menu consists of different types of dishes. You can find meat, chicken, and seafood dishes in BNE Baracca's rich lunch menu. Apart from this, we have different options for our guests who do not want to consume meat products. One of them is the salad option. We can prepare our salad containing quinoa specially for you, our valued visitors, if you wish. We can change the content of our quinoa salad, especially for our vegan visitors.



BNE Baracca ensures that its visitors eat the best quality food with its rich breakfast and lunch menus. But apart from that, we also have beverage options. You can find different beverage options on our lunch menu. Hot drinks and cold drinks are included in our lunch menu. As we provide quality food to our guests, we also want to offer quality drinks to our valued visitors. In this way, we can offer you a unique dining experience. You can come with your loved ones and enjoy the quality drinks we offer you with your loved ones.


Our lunch menu consists of hot and cold drinks, as mentioned before. In this way, we aim to offer alternative drinks to our guests with different beverage preferences. Our visitors who prefer hot drinks can enjoy our organic blended coffee and tea. You can order different quantities of coffee that consist of different organic coffee if you wish. By offering this option to our visitors, we enable them to buy coffee in the size they want. Moreover, we offer healthy organic coffee to our visitors. We also offer extra flavors for coffees and teas. In this way, we can offer hot drinks with exactly the taste you want. BNE Baracca is working hard to offer different flavors for its visitors. If you want to drink quality hot drinks alongside your favorite meals, BNE Baracca is the place for you!