Cooking is an art. Some cooks are aware that they are performing art. Others do not see it as art and do not make fine dining. At BNE Baracca, we see cooking as an art. Because of that, we offer the Best Lunch TARRAGINDI in the town. The most important thing for us is that our guests are happy with the food they eat. In this way, we are working hard to serve you and your loved ones much better. We choose the best quality products for our guests with our expert staff. Our cafe has two menus. These are the breakfast menu and the lunch menu. A lunch menu is offered to our guests after 11 o’clock. On the other hand, we can provide the meals you choose from the breakfast menu to our valued guests at any time of the day.

Meat Dishes

Meat dishes are one of the most loved dishes all over the world. Billions of people consume tons of meat every day. Eating meat has both benefits and harms to human health. On the other hand, if you consume the right amount, you can get the amino acids your body needs without harming your body. Meat consumption is also significant for child development. Many studies have shown that the development of children who consume the right amount of meat is much better when compared to the development of children who do not consume meat. BNE Baracca has added the best quality meats to its menu for you and your loved ones. If you are looking for the Best Lunch TARRAGINDI, BNE Baracca is the right place for you. 

Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes

Although eating meat has many benefits, many people worldwide prefer not to eat meat. There are many reasons for this. There are various supplements available for those who prefer not to eat meat. We usually get amino acids that the human body cannot produce from foods containing protein. The most important protein sources are known as meat dishes. If these foods are not consumed, the human body cannot take the amino acids that need to be taken from the outside. This can cause serious illness. On the other hand, these amino acids can be taken by foods other than meat. For example, quinoa seeds contain all the essential amino acids for the body. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you should try our quinoa seed salad! For BNE Baracca, your health is the most important thing. Our cafe offers the Best Lunch TARRAGINDI.


Drinks are an indispensable part of food menus. Many gourmets recommend different kinds of drinks to drink with their meals. You can have an unforgettable meal with compatible food and beverage combinations. You do not have to be a gourmet to find these combinations. Gourmets create various blogs on the Internet. If you want to try different combinations, you can follow these blogs published on the Internet. Besides, you can get this information from various television programs. Our cafe also has a very high-quality beverage menu like many quality cafes. This drink menu is divided into two. One of these two menus is the hot drinks menu. This menu includes various types of tea and coffee and different beverages such as hot chocolate. If you do not want to drink hot drinks, you can also choose from our cold drink menu, which we offer you and our other valued guests. There are beverages in our cold drink menus, such as cold tea and cold coffee. In addition, freshly squeezed fruit juice is also available on our menu. Do not forget, BNE Baracca offers the Best Lunch TARRAGINDI. If you would like to taste our delicious drinks along with a very delicious meal, we would like to invite you to our cafe.


BNE Baracca invites all residents of our city to its cafe. If you would like to taste the unique flavors of our cafe, we welcome you to our cafe. You can contact us via e-mail or phone. Your opinions and suggestions are very important to us. Please let us know your comments and suggestions. Best Lunch TARRAGINDI can be served in the BNE Baracca.