Salad is an indispensable part of meals. It is served with the main course on many tables. There are many kinds of salads. Different tastes from different cultures contribute to the enrichment of world cuisine. Mediterranean cuisine is one of them. You can find the unique flavors of this cuisine in our restaurant. Our restaurant offers the Best MEDITERRANEAN SALAD TARRAGINDI. This and dozens of other flavors are available in our restaurant. If you want to taste the unique dishes of BNE Baracca, all you have to do is stop by our restaurant! Your happy departure from our restaurant is the most essential thing for BNE Baracca employees. All-day long, we work enthusiastically to make our guests happy. Another feature of our restaurant is its breakfast menu all day. Thanks to this menu, you can come to our restaurant with your friends or family and have breakfast at any time of the day.

Mediterranean Cuisine

There are delicious and exotic dishes from different cultures all over the world. However, Mediterranean cuisine is among the world’s most loved cuisines with its wide variety of dishes. The most famous dishes of this cuisine are those made with olive oil. These dishes, which have been made for centuries, have survived to the present day with minor changes. Meals prepared in this kitchen are not only delicious but also extremely healthy. If you want to taste our dishes from this cuisine, we are waiting for you at BNE Baracca. You can find the Best MEDITERRANEAN SALAD TARRAGINDI. Apart from these dishes, you can find dozens of different dishes in our restaurant.


The variety of dishes on the menus is the most important thing for a restaurant. However, the fact that there is only variety does not indicate that the menu is of high quality. The menus must be consistent within themselves. A person who prepares the menu should ensure that the dishes on the menu are compatible with each other. Otherwise, customers may leave the restaurant with a negative experience. We, as BNE Baracca, have prepared two menus for our valued guests. One of them is the breakfast menu. Our breakfast menu includes dishes suitable for different tastes. If you prefer our restaurant for breakfast, you can try different dishes on the breakfast menu. Apart from that, another feature of our breakfast menu is that it is served all day. You can stop by our restaurant at any time and order the food you want from our breakfast menu. Our restaurant also offers a lunch menu to its guests, apart from the breakfast menu. This menu is given to our guests after 11 o’clock. There are many different foods on this menu as well. One of them is a salad. If you are looking for the Best MEDITERRANEAN SALAD TARRAGINDI, BNE Baracca is the place you must have chosen!


We have tried to inform you, our esteemed guests, about our restaurant throughout this article. Our business consists of experienced personnel who have served in this sector before. In this way, we have always made our guests happy. Cooking is serious business for us. But we also enjoy our work. As individuals who do this job professionally, we love our job and want to share our experience with our fellow countrymen. As mentioned before, you can let us know your questions about our menus via e-mail in the contact tab or by calling the phone number in the same section. Apart from this, we would be happy to let you know if you have any comments or complaints. We use customer comments to improve ourselves. In this way, we are constantly improving ourselves and keeping up with the times. If you want to experience this unique taste offered by our restaurant, we welcome you to our restaurant. Address information for transportation is also available in the contact tab. We always welcome you to our restaurant to try different flavors. Do not forget that we offer the Best MEDITERRANEAN SALAD TARRAGINDI.